-THE INFLUENCER HOUSE MASSACRE (Thriller-Horror-Crime) A group of young, pretty influencers are in for the night of their lives when they’re locked in their Hollywood Hills mansion and terrorized by two maniacal incels. 

-INFINITE LIMITS (Crime-Thriller) — A savvy, streetwise detective enlists the help of a pretty philosophy genius to help him hunt down a serial killer that’s been using paradoxes to kill his victims. (In Developement with Nineteen Films and Goreella Media)


THE ASTRID EXPERIENCE (Romantic Dramedy) — A recovering alcoholic writer meets a free spirited actress when he helps her out of a difficult situation at a casting studio. To thank him, she invites him to a party, kicking off a magical, all-night adventure through Los Angeles that shows him he has something more worth living for. (Produced by Noblehooks Productions and Nineteen Films)

-ADOLESCENCE (Coming of Age Drama) — A teenager from and abusive household falls in love with a free-spirited runaway that leads him into the fast-lane lifestyle of drugs and addiction. (Produced by Winterstone Pictures, formerly Alchemy Pictures)


-SON OF NEVERLAND (Dark-Fantasy/ Action-Adventure) — One hundred years after the fall of Captain Hook, Peter Pan and his gang confront a dark, cosmic force that threatens to destroy their world.

-SNUFF HOUSE (thriller/ psychological thriller/ horror) — A small town influencer and her boyfriend temporarily re-locate to Los Angeles to work on her first feature film, only to realize they're not shooting the film they thought they were. 

-THE CINERANIMO VALLEY THEATRE (Comedy) — An eccentric group of employees must push through a barrage of mishaps in order to band together and open a midnight premiere at their theatre. 

-PAINTING THE ROSES RED (Psychological Teen thriller) — The teenage son of a deceased rock star seeks to start a new life with his mother and sister in the Pacific Northwest, where he gets involved in the manipulative dealings of a beautiful and seductive young woman.

THE DRAMATIC RELATIONSHIPS OF ROSE CITY (Romantic Comedy-Drama) — While experiencing minor inner-city fame, a successful thirty year old playwright attempts to juggle a series of highly unique and dramatic relationships as he searches for love in Portland, OR, the City of Roses.

THE HARDEST WEEKEND (Sex-Comedy) — When the world’s favorite billionaire-socialite parties too hard with Dan Bilzarian and contracts an STD that can literally kill him upon arousal, the traditional college experience transforms into a non-stop, fight for his life, survival game against thousands of adoring women, in what becomes the hardest weekend he could have ever imagined.

-JOHNNY SENDERS AND THE TIME SHAPERS (Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi) — The son of a legendary gunfighter is recruited by an elite group of warriors to jump through time to year 2187 to join in a battle for the human race.

-SUNSET MOVES (Neo-Noir/Mystery/Crime-Thriller) — When young, hard-nosed, LA native’s ex-girlfriend suddenly and mysteriously disappears, he is forced deep into the underbelly, noir-society of Los Angeles in pursuit of what he values most in the world — the life of a girl.

-THE HOLLYWOOD LEGITIMATE (Neo-Noir/Mystery/Crime-Thriller) — A young, hotshot reporter is thrown deep into the underbelly of Hollywood’s underground to investigate the disappearance of a famous person that has gone missing.

-THE ACADEMIC NORTHWEST (Comedy-Drama) — When a graduate school bound valedictorian doesn’t get into NYU, his entire wold collapses, until he falls in with a group of Northwest Socialites that show him how to make it in the ‘real world, and give him the type education he could never learn in school.

RISE (Drama) — A burgeoning, Los Angeles based pastor is forced to counsel a young woman who holds knowledge about his past that could destroy him. (Once optioned. Stage play won the 2012 Hollywood Fringe Festival)



-MY AMERICAN MUSE (Dramedy) — Explores the intersection of falling in love, heartbreak and artistic inspiration from the perspective of a young man coming into his own as an artist. (Produced by Chapman Films)

-PLUNGE (Coming of Age Drama) —During the summer of their lives, two young men cope with growing up amidst tragedy as they conflict over the idea of death, what death is, and what death ultimately means in this coming of age drama. (Produced by Nineteen Films)


-MIDNIGHT PROGRAM (Psychological Thriller/ Mystery) – When a white collar office drone follows a pretty, young photographer into a crime scene, he comes to realize that his seemingly uneventful life might not be as boring and innocent as he thought in this Jekyll and Hyde crime-thriller. (Once optioned. Now available)

-THE NIGHT CAPTAIN (Psychological Thriller/ Mystery) — An aging bellman works night shifts at a mysterious hotel in hopes of finding his daughter that disappeared from the same hotel fifteen years prior. (Twice optioned. Now available)

-ADOLF HITLER AND THE DREAM COMMITTEE (Sci-fi/ Fantasy) — A young college student ventures into the magical world of lucid dreaming in order to attend an exclusive event where the infamous Adolf Hitler is rumored to appear. (available)


-RISE — Produced by Zenith Ensemble Theatre Group. *Won ‘Best World Premiere’ at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Once optioned for screen development by BeebCo Entertainment. Stage play is published and can be purchased through Amazon. For theatrical productions, please contact for rights and permissions. 

THE ABSENCE OF SOUND produced by A Working Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. Part of a 24-hour play festival featuring only Award-Winning writers.