One hundred years have passed since Peter defeated Captain Hook and was crowned the Savior of Neverland. Under his reign, Neverland has entered an age of peace, and life for all is abundant and joyful. Tinker Bell has become a famous inventor for discovering how to make fairies human size, a few of the lost boys have become neverwood film stars, and Peter and Tiger Lily are engaged to be married on one of their private islands. It is truly an eternal paradise.

But all that is about to change when Tiger Lily’s father sees a vision from the void… something dark has been watching Neverland for all these centuries… something ancient and timeless… gathering its strength on the fringes of space and time… waiting for the opportunity to return to Neverland once again…

Join Peter, Tinker Bell, Tiger Lily, and the lost boys as they embark on an epic journey to save Neverland from a terrible fate. Friendships will be tested as together they face forces beyond anything they could have ever previously imagined, including goblins, pirates, demonic crocodiles, evil spirits, a temperamental enchantress, and the greatest enemy eternity has ever faced — Time itself.

In the darkest night of the soul, Peter will discover that the greatest light of all, is the love he has for his friends.


True to the spirit of J.M. Barrie’s legacy, his pure love of the imagination, and his unyielding support of children’s charities, 10% of the net proceeds from this book will go directly towards supporting children’s hospitals, charities, organizations, institutions, and causes worldwide that are designed to keep children safe, healthy, creative, imaginative, and ultimately make their lives better. By purchasing this book, you are literally helping to make the world a better place.

RISE, Cal Barnes’s evocative look at ex-lovers adapting to a tainted past amidst the backdrop of the modern-day, American church, won ‘Best World Premiere’ at the 2012 Hollywood Fringe Festival when it was first produced in Los Angeles by Zenith Ensemble.

Henry Donner is an emerging church, celebrity pastor with the world at his finger tips. Through his profession he has found wealth, fame, fortune, and the adoration of an entire congregation that believes he can do no wrong. One Sunday, between sermons, Henry is visited in his office by Alexandra Riverton, a mysterious, beautiful woman that carries with her information about his past.. information that could destroy everything he’s worked so hard to achieve.


"Barnes' play is lifted from its inevitabilities by two factors: riveting performances and the 24-year-old Barnes' haunted, evocative dialogue."

Travis Michael Holder, Backstage

"Cal Barnes' intense drama created a great stir at the Hollywood Fringe earlier this year, where it was declared to be the Best World Premiere and Best of Fringe. It's easy to understand why"

Neal Weaver, LA Weekly

"It is most remarkable and noteworthy that this is the first play drafted by writer Cal Barnes. I do believe that he may just be the next Arthur Miller."

— Bob Leggett, Los Angeles Examiner

"First time playwright Cal Barnes's fierce drama — an auspicious theatrical debut — explores the sometimes vague difference between seeking redemption and living in denial."

Paul Birchall, LA Weekly

"Mean, lean, and full of hard punches, 'Rise' is a surefire attention grabber that doesn't let go. If you liked 'Mercy Seat' then sit down for this intense trip.”

Mr. Hunter, Eye Spy LA



TRUE GRANDEUR is the tale of Conrad Arlington, a young man who moves to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming a great artist. Within a few short years of his arrival, Conrad’s success as a writer brings him to the attention of Gracie Garrison, a beautiful and alluring socialite whose glamorous lifestyle is just as mysterious as the rumors that surround her. After spending a spirited and adventurous night on the town together – one fueled by an excess of beautiful people, extravagant parties, gallery openings, and the madness of a fallen director – Conrad ultimately falls in love with her, believing them to be destined, however, when he awakes the next morning to find that Gracie is gone, he is distraught, and thus embarks on a relentless journey to find her, resulting in a tumultuous spiral of passion, art, and romance as he searches his soul to uncover the greatest mystery of all – true love.

At its core, True Grandeur is not just a love story, but rather an in-depth character study on contemporary romanticism, of how ideals shape one’s need for individuality and importance, and of how sociological factors such as fame, wealth, and social class contribute to one’s ability to receive – or not receive – true love. It’s a story of what it means to feel deeply, and attempts to accurately illustrate the internal progression of feeling that is the artist’s journey.